More than 30 dogs poisoned at Jeffreys Bay informal settlement

More than 30 dogs poisoned at Jeffreys Bay informal settlement

Ocean View children regularly visit JBay animal rescue sanctuary. Image: Facebook/JBay animal rescue sanctuary

Many of them didn’t survive the poisoning, which was thought to be caused by an agricultural chemical.

Thirty-six dogs were poisoned and thirteen died after ingesting what is thought to be an agricultural chemical, reports eNCA

JBay animal rescue sanctuary, which regularly treats Ocean View residents’ pets, assisted the animals by administering medication, which saved the lives of 20 lucky pooches. 

Residents told eNCA that this was not the first time such an incident had occurred at Ocean View, and that they were told the poisoned dogs ate meat laced with a chemical.

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The mass poisoning took place last Thursday. 

News24 spoke to JBay animal sanctuary’s Jessica Naude, who said that post-mortem examinations revealed swollen livers, and fat and bone fragments in the stomach, indicating that meat or bones were laced with the agricultural chemical. 

Naude also said that the tongues of the dogs became black and swollen, and others lost their eyesight overnight. 

Residents have expressed fear when asked if they would be reporting the incident to police. 

(Compiled by Nica Schreuder)

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