CNS reporter
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12 Jun 2019
11:23 am

Only put Pikitup bins out on collection day, warns security company

CNS reporter

Fidelity ADT warns that criminals use the bins as a perfect step ladder to enter a property they intend to rob.

Thieves allegedly use Pikitup bins to gain access into properties, as hiding spots, or bump them over on purpose in a victim's driveway. Image: Midrand Reporter

Fidelity ADT said the decision to put your dustbin on the pavement may seem logical, but might have unintended consequences, as criminals could use the bins as a perfect step ladder to get up into a tree and over a wall.

National marketing and communications manager for Fidelity ADT Charnel Hattingh said: “We are also seeing that recyclers want to have first-pickings of the dustbins’ contents, so they are entering suburbs during the day and night now, which of course causes security issues.”

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She added that the bins were being bumped over, blocking driveways, which means residents have to get out of their cars in the morning to move the bins, exposing them to potential hijackings in the early hours.

“Dustbins also provide a good hiding place for hijackers who may target residents returning from work in the evenings, particularly at this time of year when it gets darker earlier.”

Hattingh urged residents to only put their dustbins out on the morning of collection day.

“If you are not going to return home at the end of a collection day, ask a neighbour to take your dustbin in. A dustbin left standing on the pavement is a dead giveaway that there is nobody home. And remember to never put anything in your dustbin that has all your details on it. Always shred confidential information.”

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