Investigations continue into video of teenager caught with girl in Wimpy bathroom

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The second woman who appeared in the video clip has recalled the fateful day’s events.

More information has come to light since a recent viral video appeared, showing a boy allegedly caught with his pants off with a six-year-old girl in the men’s bathroom of a Wimpy in Mooinooi.

The video clip, in which the mother of the little girl can be heard questioning why he locked the bathroom door, to which the boy insists it was the girl’s decision to do so, was deemed a criminal offence to share, and is still being investigated by North West police.

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Another woman who appeared in the clip has been identified as Doris Makgaka, who works for a non-profit organisation, according to Rapport, who spoke to Makgaka about what transpired in the video.

A screenshot of the video.

She told the publication that the girl kept asking why the boy urinated on her, explaining that this made the mother of the girl think that something possibly horrific happened to her child.

Makgaka was at the Wimpy on the day in question to redeem her free coffee on Election Day, and recalled that the 13-year-old boy was alone in the restaurant’s play area. She also saw the girl popping in and out of the play area, regularly checking in with her mother.

At a stage, Makgaka said the girl disappeared, and moments later, her mother was standing at the entrance of the bathroom shouting “Someone, please help!”, which is when she sprung into action.

She said the girl’s mother told her that her panties were the wrong way around when she emerged from the bathroom, and that she was carrying her shoes.

The boy then allegedly told Makgaka, who was gripping him by his arm, that the girl wanted him to kiss her. “She wanted to kiss me. She asked me,” he can be heard saying in the clip. He also maintains he only wanted to use the bathroom.

The boy’s parents were reportedly very upset, and kept apologising.

After the incident, the boy and girl’s parents, the boy and the girl and Makgaka made their way to the police station.

She told Rapport that everyone wants to know what happened, but emphasised that she cannot confirm or deny anything, as she did not see them together in the bathroom.

The boy has not been back at school since the incident, his principle confirmed to Rapport, and his parents are reportedly planning to take action against those who have shared the video.

Parts of this article have been translated from Afrikaans, as it appeared in Rapport’s Sunday edition.

(Compiled by Nica Schreuder)

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