‘New’ car jamming device found by Tshwane police

The jamming devices that were confiscated. Photo: Kayla van Petegem

Police in Pretoria Moot have said that they have never come across this type of car jamming device before.

Pretoria Moot police want to raise awareness after they recovered a device among stolen equipment suspected to be used for car remote signal jamming, reports Pretoria Moot Rekord.

“Jamming is a reality and residents need to be aware of this,” said spokesperson Captain Anton Breedt.

“This is also the first time that we have ever [come] across this type of jamming device.”

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Breedt said this discovery was made early last Friday morning when police arrested two men for a theft that had occurred the previous day.

“Suspects stole valuable items out of a vehicle after a mother went to pick up her child at the crèche,” he said.

“She left her handbag in the car and the criminals stole a very expensive watch and a cellphone.”

Breedt said a case of theft was opened at their police station.

“Later that day, the woman’s husband phoned our station and informed the officer that the cellphone was switched on and that it has been tracked to a place in the north of Pretoria,” he said.

He said four police officers reacted to the call and went to a place in Ga-Rankuwa where the phone was tracked.

“There they found the stolen equipment and upon questioning the first suspect, they asked him if he was working alone,” Breedt said.

“The suspect confessed that he was not working alone, and directed the officers to a place in Soshanguve.”

Breedt said when the officers arrived in Soshanguve, they found a second suspect and a vehicle.

“It is suspected that they used this specific vehicle, which was a hired car, to commit the crime,” he said.

He said the officers searched the car.

“Upon searching, they found two jammers and a normal gate motor remote, which is the most common tool for jamming purposes,” he said.

“This is the first time that we have ever seen this specific jamming device,” he said.

Breedt explained that the jamming device looked similar to a phone with an aerial.

He said two men were arrested and detained at the police station.

Breedt once again urged residents to be more vigilant to crime.

“Never leave valuables lying in open view in the vehicle, even if you think that you will only be gone for five minutes,” he said.

“Sometimes, only five minutes is what criminals need to commit a crime.”

He said residents should be careful and rather place valuable items in the boot of the vehicle.

“Also park in a secure spot that is busy,” he said.

Breedt urged residents to report all crimes to the nearest police station.

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