WATCH: From showing off cash and guns to a hospital bed with gunshot wounds



Two videos that have been circulating appear to be a cautionary tale on how a life of violent crime is likely to end.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a man ended up in a hospital bed after sharing videos of himself on social media showing off money and guns.

In the first video, the man is seen at his supposed home singing and dancing to Kwaito star Mapaputsi’s hit song Izinja as he waves and shows off his two “guys” for everyone to see.

In the second video, the same man, presumably on a different day as he is seen wearing different clothes, shows off a pile of money, as he pretends to make a call with it, while singing and sitting on the front seat of a car. The second video shows him having a great time with two friends, though the joy is short-lived as the guy ends up in hospital.

Watch the video below and graphic image of how it seems to end below:

Picture: Facebook

It was unclear if the story could be linked to The Citizen’s earlier article about seven suspects who were arrested after a foiled cash-in-transit heist. Though the information in the article talks about money that was recovered after the incident, most on social media speculated that the money could have been one person’s share, as it did not seem like there was enough money for all suspects in the bag.

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(Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde)

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