WATCH: Driver continues spinning car after hitting pedestrian



The other pedestrian saves his life by watching the car from a distance after escaping what could have been an end to his life.

South Africans were outraged after a viral video on Twitter showed a driver hitting a pedestrian while spinning his white VW Golf on the streets, and then continued as if nothing had happened. In the video, the driver can be seen positioning his car for a spin, with the wipers on, but presumably miscalculates his position as, after accelerating, the rear end of his car hits one of two pedestrians walking on the other side of the road.

The pedestrian lands on the road and remains motionless as a crowd of people quickly gathers around him, while another woman can be heard saying “shifta wena” along with a giggle from the person taking the video

It was unclear where and when the incident happened, though social media users have been circulating screen shots of the GP plate number in an attempt to find the driver.

“The level of lawlessness in this country, especially in poor communities, is unbelievable. SAPS and municipalities are complicit in this kind of behaviour by not deploying enough resources in the townships and rural areas,” said @lesibamike, while @SirDealerSoul said: “I’m more worried about the friends we roll with. The guy who just got knocked was walking with a friend. Boom the buddy doesn’t bother to check on him, instead he watches the car spinning like everybody, as if nothing just happened.”

Watch the video below shared on Twitter by @Flossingout:

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