3 minute read
5 Nov 2020
7:08 pm

Varsity and seminary in wrangle over land

The University of Johannesburg wants the land it leased to the Auckland Park Theological Seminary 30 years ago back, after the latter ceded it's lease to a third party for almost 10 times the amount it paid for it.

University of Johannesburg. Picture: UJ

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has been accused of exploiting the plight of poor students to try and wrangle control of a valuable piece of land in the city centre. Its protracted legal tug of war with the Auckland Park Theological Seminary (ATS) for the land, spilled over into the Constitutional Court on Thursday. The two have been at odds for the better of the last decade. UJ in 1996 agreed to lease the land to ATS for 30 years, for a once-off rental of R700 000. But the university in 2012 learnt that for the princely sum of R6.5...