Two cops implicate each other in Nathaniel Julies killing

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Constable Caylene Whiteboy, 23, alleged that she was framed by her co-accused and colleague Sergeant Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane, 46.

Explosive evidence has emerged during the bail application in the Protea Magistrate’s Court of three Eldorado Park police officers accused of killing 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies.

Two officers who were present when Julies was killed have implicated each other.

Constable Caylene Whiteboy, 23, alleged that she was framed by her co-accused and colleague Sergeant Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane, 46.

Whiteboy said she fired deadly and prohibited ammunition, unbeknown to her, in the direction of Julies who was standing next to a white truck outside his home in August.

Whiteboy also claimed that she had earlier used the same firearm which contained rubber bullets to disperse a crowd in Freedom Park near Eldorado Park.

However, later in the evening, she used the same firearm, not knowing that it had been loaded with live ammunition under the instructions of Ndyalvane who was her senior at the time.

“I then realised that the force of the gun was different to the one I had used earlier when I fired at the crowd in Freedom Park, and I became hysterical. I asked him why I was given a firearm loaded with live ammunition, and then strenuous efforts were made by Ndyalvane to me to manufacture evidence against what I had done.

“I refused to comply with his instructions. When I asked Ndyalvane what ammunition was loaded in the gun, he ran to Julies and carried him into our police vehicle. We drove to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. Upon arrival, I pulled out a stretcher and, hardly two minutes later, Julies was certified dead,” said Whiteboy.

Whiteboy said, after the incident, Ndyalvane ordered her to present a false statement implicating herself.

“After my arrest, I then received death threats from Ndyalvane who ordered me to comply with his instructions. He also sent me a statement ordering me to present in court. That statement exonerated him and implicated me alone as the only perpetrator.

“He continued threatening to kill me if I didn’t comply with the statement he had sent me,” testified Whiteboy.

Ndyalvane has a previous criminal record of common assault, of which he was convicted in 2010.

He told the court that Whiteboy fired the firearm which was loaded with live ammunition.

He claimed that he was innocent and would plead not guilty.

Another co-accused Detective Sergeant Foster Netshiongolo claimed that he was off duty at the time and was called to the hospital, and later went to the scene where he removed spent cartridges.

The case continues.

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