Yadhana Jadoo
Political Editor
2 minute read
30 Apr 2015
10:30 am

Zuma has a mental sickness – EFF spokesperson

Yadhana Jadoo

The Economic Freedom Fighters yesterday said it "welcomed" the "confession" by President Jacob Zuma "that he is sick and needs healing".

FILE PICTURE: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi from the EFF. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

During his Freedom Day address Zuma lamented rowdy debates in Parliament saying: “That is a glaring example of the nature of apartheid culture of violence that is left with us. It’s not just with ordinary people, it’s even in Parliament. We need to be cured. We’re sick.” His comments were clearly aimed at the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) whose MPs often clash with Speaker Baleka Mbete during parliamentary session.

Zuma added: “We have a problem which we need to address. All of us.”

But yesterday Zuma’s words came back to haunt him with the EFF saying it “agrees with him because he is the sickness that has not only troubled Parliament but the entire political apparatuses of the state”.

In a statement EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: “It has been proven over and over again that Zuma has a mental sickness when he argued that when members of parliament defy unjust rulings of the speaker they reflect an apartheid legacy”.

The hard hitting statement further said: “Only a leader with mental impediments could arrive at such a ridiculous conclusion. The only thing that resembles apartheid in parliament is the police brutality that his party unleashed on opposition MPs.”Ndlozi said only a “sick man” can continue to insist that Mbete’s rulings are worth respecting and complying with.

“What resembles apartheid in parliament is not the protest of MPs who seek the truth against all odds, but the protection Zuma enjoys where police are called to assault MPs for asking questions.

“Apartheid is the usage of the police to silence dissent. Apartheid is the unjust rules and rulings designed to protect corruption and limit accountability.

“Apartheid is the rulings that seek to suppress the truth that the ANC government massacred workers in Marikana. Apartheid is telling MPs that they are not equal to the president before the law: that he is above all of us and is not subject to the rules of parliament, all in an attempt to protect him from being held accountable. Apartheid is when a Speaker of parliament says the courts of law cannot tell her what to do.”

Zuma was in Zimbabwe yesterday attending the SADC summit.