Kristy Kolberg
3 minute read
27 Jan 2021
4:13 pm

Good Samaritans who found boy who survived Voëlklip crash open up 

Kristy Kolberg

The body of his two-year-old sister has not yet been found. The man who found him was on his way to the Voëlklip viewpoint with his grandsons when they came across the injured boy.

Anton Gerber and his grandson looking down at the place where the mother allegedly drove off the cliff. Picture: Kristy Kolberg

The eight-year-old boy who was involved in the latest accident on Voëlklip road in Herold’s Bay, walked more than 2km on his own in the blazing sun to find help after his mother, 34, and sister, 2, went over the cliff in their Fiat 500 last Thursday.

“This is where I found him. Right here,” Herold’s Bay local Anton Gerber told George Herald, while pointing at the spot where he picked up the young boy next to the road. 

“He was injured and kept holding onto his ribs in pain.”

Gerber and his grandsons were on their way to the Voëlklip viewpoint when they came across the injured boy.

“He was crying, while asking for help and told me that his mother and sister were in the sea. At first I was confused and didn’t know what he meant. I thought maybe they were washed off the rocks into the sea. 

“It was only when he took me to where the vehicle went over the cliff that I realised what had happened,” he said.

The boy took Gerber to the same place where Heidi Scheepers and her children went over the edge in October 2019. 

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“I looked over the edge and could see his mother’s body as well as parts of the car wreck floating in the ocean,” Gerber recalled.

He immediately phoned his daughter Charmaine Jansen van Rensburg, who phoned the police.

“When I arrived on the scene, I gave the boy a big hug and held him. He was shaking and crying uncontrollably. He had dirt and some injuries to his face and body,” she said.

“I wish I can just give him another hug and find out how he is doing. This incident has had a major impact on myself and my family. I can’t imagine what he and his father must be going through.”

The boy’s father was at work when the incident occurred. He was later contacted by the police and arrived on scene shortly afterwards.

The boy was transported to hospital by ER24 paramedics. He has since been discharged from hospital and is back in the care of his father.

By Wednesday morning, the little girl was still not found. The search continues.

Road closure debates

After the latest incident on Voëlklip road, some community members feel the road should be closed. 

Others feel that this is unnecessary and that barriers along the road would suffice. 

Road signs to warn people were put up about three months ago and since last Thursday, meetings regarding the road had been held with various role players to determine what the next step should be.

A member of the Herold’s Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association Ken Field said it would be very sad if they indeed decide to close the road.

“Voëlklip has the most beautiful views and local and foreign visitors come here daily. The road is not, as people claim, ‘dangerous’. If you drive properly you will always be safe. The incidents happen when people make decisions.”

This article was republished from George Herald with permission. Edited by Nica Richards.

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