Jim Freeman
3 minute read
1 Apr 2020
6:30 am

May de Lencquesaing: vintner became glass collector extraordinaire

Jim Freeman

Her Glenelly Estate in Stellenbosch is also home to De Lencquesaing’s astounding glass collection which features about 500 antique and contemporary pieces.

May de Lencquesaing with one of her pieces, Salvador Dali's Cross Leibniz. Picture: Jim Freeman

When May de Lencquesaing was still a young woman, about 15 years old, German soldiers who invaded France in 1940 billeted themselves in one of her family’s châteaux in Bordeaux, not knowing there was a group of seven Italian Jews hiding in a bricked-up wine cellar. “It was a dangerous time. We took risks,” recalls De Lencquesaing from a chair in her famed glass museum at Glenelly wine estate in Stellenbosch. “Each day, I would ride my bicycle from my grandmother’s home to Château Palmer, past the Germans, and pass food to our guests through a hole in the wall.”...