WATCH: ‘EFF protesters’ repeatedly kick white man who took paintball pot shots at them



Unconfirmed reports said the protesters were EFF members and the video has since gone viral.

A group of protesters surrounded a man and repeatedly kicked him after shooting at them with a paintball gun in Regent Road, Cape Town, on Friday. In a video that has been circulating on social media, the crowd can be seen marching on the street holding banners and placards.

They have been identified as EFF supporters, rightly or wrongly, and the fact that the man was white didn’t appear to help the situation.

Though Twitter user Tumelo Mapaa, who shared the video, said the protesters were members of the EFF, other reports say it was Dis-Chem employees who were protesting.

As the group marches, popping sounds can be heard, while the man can also be seen pointing the gun at the protesters.

At first the protesters struggle to get to the man in attempt to stop him from shooting at them, but they eventually surround him and start kicking him repeatedly.

Motorists start hooting, as other men who can be seen inside an apartment complex taking videos. The group walks away after a police officer intervenes in the situation.

According to Twitter user @GinaHowse who said she witnessed the incident, the man with a paintball gun was apparently asking the protesters to stay away from his car.

“I watched and heard it from my home. He should have just run, you don’t face an angry mob alone,” she said.

Watch the video below:

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