NSPCA, police to investigate Harties farm owner that kills monkeys

One of the monkeys that was killed and impaled. Image: Facebook

One of the monkeys that was killed and impaled. Image: Facebook

Police and the Tshwane SPCA are investigating a case of animal cruelty after residents in the Hartbeespoort/Brits area.

“This is the second time that monkeys have been killed and impaled on poles and fences on a neighbouring farm. The monkeys are then left hanging for days,” a resident in the area, André Janse van Rensburg, told Kormorant.

“The horrendous scene is in our faces and as animal lovers, it is extremely upsetting to see. And when the monkeys start decaying, the smell is unbearable.”

According to Janse van Rensburg, they have opened a case at the Brits police and contacted the NSPCA.

“I had to call repeatedly for a week before the police and the SPCA finally came out to the farm. Just before they arrived, the monkey carcasses were taken down and even the poles removed,” he said.

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Image: Facebook

The Tshwane SPCA confirmed that an inspector had been to the property on the R513 between Silkaatsnek and Damdoryn.

SPCA inspector Andrew Kekana said: “I visited the property with the police this week and a case has been opened. This is now a police case.”

The police have confirmed that they were investigating a case of animal cruelty and negligent handling of a firearm. The Kormorant is still waiting for a formal press release by the police.

People reacted with horror to the story and photos on Facebook this week, and pressure is now being put on the police and SPCA to act.

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