Hannah Cornelius murder accused’s chilling tattoos spark anger

Hannah Cornelius murder accused’s chilling tattoos spark anger

Geraldo Parsons | Image: Facebook

Photos taken during the investigation phase of the Hannah Cornelius trial reveal a number of grotesque tattoos sported by one of the murder accused.

Photos taken during the medical and forensic analysis of two of the four accused in the Hannah Cornelius murder trial have made their way into the public domain, and the prison tattoos worn by Geraldo Parsons have prompted the public to call for all sorts of grim measures to be taken against him.

Hannah Cornelius.

Among the four men accused of playing a part in the kidnapping and murder of Cornelius, Parsons has garnered the most media attention.

He is the only accused who admitted to guilt on all of the 10 charges.

Vernon Witbooi‚ Eben van Niekerk and Nashville Julius, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty at the high court in Cape Town on Wednesday.

The medical and forensic analysis in which the pictures were reportedly taken was sanctioned after Parsons and Witbooi were arrested 11 hours after allegedly killing Cornelius, following a high-speed chase with the police, according to Herald Live.

Parsons is a former 28s gang member and, among the many prison tattoos on his body, are those featuring the messages “Hungry for Money | Thirsty for Blood,” “Killer,” “Hitman” and “F**k the Cops.”

Though the brutal nature of the crime has been the focus of this case since news of the murder first broke in early 2017, the subsequent revelation of the tattoos has fuelled anger about the circumstances surrounding the case.

“Hungry for Money | Thirsty for Blood” “Killer”“Hitman”“F**k the Cops”These are just a few of the tattoos that…

Posted by Adjudicate on Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Social media users have posted hundreds of harsh and graphic comments, mostly about what they believe Parsons’ punishment should be.

The trial continues.

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