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25 Oct 2018
8:44 am

House robberies on the rise in Parkmore and Sandhurst

CNS Reporter

The Parkmore Community Association together with the Lower Sandhurst Community Association has warned residents to be vigilant following several home robberies.

The damage to a door after criminals forced entry into the house.

The Parkmore Community Association warned the community that there has been an increase in house robberies, they told Sandton Chronicle.

This according to Lori Klein of the Lower Sandhurst Community Association and Parkmore Community Association who said there have been six incidents in the past month in the two suburbs.

“In three cases, the domestic worker pushed the panic button and screamed and the suspects fled, while in the other three cases, there was an armed robbery,” she said.

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Klein added that the suspects were targeting jewellery, watches, iPads, laptops, and TVs and said in five of the incidents the suspects entered through the pedestrian gate.

A pedestrian gate was forced open during a recent house robbery.

“In three of the incidents, the suspects were wearing blue overalls pretending to be on a service call.”

She said in all incidents they targeted two houses, one after the other.

The damage to a door after criminals forced entry into the house.

Klein provided some advice on what you can do to safeguard yourself:

  • If you have a pedestrian gate, ensure the locks are sturdy. Many need extra steel plates to ensure the locks cannot be broken.
  • Speak with your domestic workers and ensure they have a panic button. Encourage them to scream/run/lock themselves in a safe room or behind a security gate.
  • Have an agreement with your neighbours that if you hear anything suspicious you will push the panic button.

She said it was high crime season. “Please be vigilant and play your part in securing your property and educating family members and employees.”

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