Citizen reporter
1 minute read
23 Oct 2018
11:22 am

WATCH: Truck blown off the road

Citizen reporter

A truck driver appears to have no chance of regaining control when gale-force winds overturn the truck he's driving.

A truck lost control and landed on its side after fierce gale-force winds tipped the 18-wheeler.

The video of the truck is reported to have happened in the Western Cape and the caption suggests the incident happened near Klawer on the Cape West Coast.

The driver is reported to have walked away from the crash unscathed.

The Western Cape winds are known to turn extremely volatile and according to the dash cam footage from a vehicle following the truck, the truck driver appeared to have had no chance of escaping the fierce winds.

In the video, we see the truck tilt due to the powerful wind pressure. The truck survives the first blow and continues on its journey.

Seconds later, the truck is forced on its side by severe winds.

(Compiled by Gopolang Chawane)

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