‘Racist’ Eldos taxi driver hurls insults at mom and three daughters

Joylinda Hampton.

Joylinda Hampton.

The taxi driver has been accused of hurling racist insults at the woman, and refusing to stop the taxi at their destination.

Mother of three Joylinda Hampton recently spoke out to Westside-Eldos about her terrifying taxi experience last week, after she and her daughters unknowingly hailed a taxi that would end up putting their lives in danger. According to Hampton, she spent most of her Saturday at Southgate Mall, shopping with her three daughters.

“We had a good day and my girls had fun. Little did we know our ride home would be one we would never forget,” she said.

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According to Hampton, they finished at the mall just before four o’clock and before boarding the taxi, she asked the driver if he would be going to Kliptown.

“Before you get into a taxi, you first ask the driver if he will be going to your destination. I said Kliptown, and he responded that he would be going there at which my daughters and I boarded the taxi,” said Hampton.

When she eventually said ‘Kliptown’, the driver became angry and told her that he would not be going to there.

According to her, he said, “Ek gaan nie Kliptown toe nie.” Hampton continued, “I asked him why he agreed at first and why he took my money if he wasn’t doing the Kliptown route.”

“He then told me to shut up and hurled a racial slur at me, calling me a ‘stupid boesman’ and other expletives, referring to the colloquial term for the female anatomy. He went as far as directing profanities at my mother. My girls were so traumatised.”

According to Hampton, during the exchange, the driver increased his speed and refused to stop the taxi. It was at this point that she decided to open the door and jump out with her girls.

“My children were so scared, the driver kept threatening us, we feared for our lives. I had to do something to save my children. When I forcefully opened the door, we managed to get out of the taxi and the driver sped off,” she said.

“I told him I would report him and he told me that he didn’t care,” she added.

Fazel Abdhul from the Eldorado Park Taxi Association said that he would address the incident with his driver. “I haven’t been able to get a hold of the driver yet,” said Abdhul.

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