WATCH: Pupils knocked down by car during chaotic scuffle

A screenshot from the video taken while learners were being run over by a car.

A 30-second video made the rounds after the incident on Tuesday depicting the incident in the middle of the road.

A chaotic scene on the road outside Allen Glen High School during an alleged brawl between pupils saw some of them walking home with bruises after they were run over by a vehicle, reports Roodepoort Northsider.

A 30-second video made the rounds after the incident on Tuesday, depicting brouhaha in the middle of the road which eventually saw some pupils being driven over.

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The scuffle was allegedly incited by some matric boys who were rumoured to be behind a banned activity called ’40 days’ which is an event that sees the seniors ‘celebrating’ their last days at the school by hurling substances at junior pupils.

A source at the school said that during break the matric pupils started throwing eggs and condoms filled with urine and fish paste at the Grade 11 pupils. He said this escalated after school as the matrics continued to hurl items, including flour and eggs, at everyone. The targeted pupils retaliated and a fight that quickly got out of control ensued. Some of the pupils were run over by an angry motorist in the chaos.

Another source said the driver of the car became angry when he was denied access by the pupils who blockaded the road and bashed his vehicle during the brawl.

Warren McKrill, the school governing body chairperson, said the ’40 days’ activity was banned from the school two years ago, and steps would be taken against the motorists and the pupils involved in the fight.

“On 19 September, the owner of the car involved phoned and visited the school following the incident,” he said. However, based on the video, McKrill said a case had to be opened against the motorist, who has allegedly also given his version of events to the police.

Honeydew Police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan said the matter is under investigation.

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