Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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18 Sep 2018
1:34 pm

Panyaza Lesufi: I am not intimidated by Afrikaner time wasters

Kaunda Selisho

The Freedom Front Plus has a history of lodging complaints against the minister.

Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi speaks during a media briefing at Mahlube Secondary School in Mamelodi East on 16 October 2017. The MEC's visit follows an alleged sexual assault of a pupil of the school by one of the school's private security guards. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has hit back at the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) after the party laid over 200 charges against him in connection with the controversial Overvaal High language issue.

Two months ago, Lesufi’s department lost a court battle against the Afrikaans medium school after trying to take the school to task for denying 55 English-speaking pupils enrolment earlier this year.

The FF+, which accused him of building a political career on anti-Afrikaans agitation, has had it out for the minister ever since. In late August, they lodged a 389-page long complaint against Lesufi, accusing him of being in contempt of the constitution.

Taking to Twitter shortly after being served on Monday, Lesufi tweeted: “I am facing 272 charges for calling for a non-racial education system for all. I am not intimidated”

The tweet contains a screenshot of a Facebook post he published, featuring images of the paperwork, with the caption: “I am honestly NOT intimidated by those who think a non-racial education system is a breach of the constitution. Today I received 272 charges from the Freedom Front Plus claiming I am targeting Afrikaners! Non-racialism is the future, no one can stop! I am ready to face these frivolous and time wasting charges.”

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The party accused him and his department of refusing Afrikaaner learners to be taught in Afrikaans in addition to denying Afrikaaner schools the right to be strictly white.

Speaking to EWN, Lesufi called the lawsuit “cheap politicking”.

“It frightens me because I do believe people are taking advantage of the fears and frustration of a certain section of our society. People have been propagating lies and wrong information to this community for them to get votes to go to parliament in 2019,” added Lesufi.

In a recent statement released by the party, the FF+ has placed the blame for the current violent and lewd conduct of students squarely at Lesufi’s feet.

“The problems that broke out at schools last month are a symptom of the absence of discipline and disrespect for any form of authority,” stated the party.

“Lesufi will have to start to realize that his stubborn action is completely transforming schools in Gauteng into lawless institutions that serve as training centres for criminals rather than educational institutions where learners need to learn order and discipline.”

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