WATCH: Shoplifters arrested at Joburg mall after foolish attempt at escape

They apparently tried to bash through the boom gate, not taking the spikes into account.

At around 12pm on Sunday, two suspects made an attempt to make away with what is believed to be stolen goods, reports the Roodepoort Northsider.

It is believed the suspects attempted to steal from the centre’s Woolworths outlet.

The two women, driving a Volkswagen Polo, broke through the boom gates at the mall’s exit, but also drove over the spikes, puncturing their tyres.

Watch the video here:

They weren’t able to get far from the exit, as the car came to a halt at the traffic circle outside the mall.

The suspects were subsequently apprehended by mall security while they waited for police to arrive.

Police arrived on scene and gained access to the vehicle to retrieve the allegedly stolen goods.

The suspects were taken into custody.


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