Kodwa slams DA for calls for Cyril to testify at state capture inquiry

The ANC spokesperson says only the commission’s chair can decide who should testify at the inquiry.

African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has slammed the Democratic Alliance (DA) for calling for the governing party’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, to testify before the state capture commission of inquiry, saying the main opposition was using the call to gain cheap political points.

The DA launched a petition calling for Ramaphosa to testify at the commission to explain why the governing party allowed the so-called state capture to go on for such a long time.

Kodwa called on everyone, including political parties, to show support for the commission.

“They [political parties] continue to make noise outside of the commission; it undermines the commission.          We’ve heard the calls that the president of the ANC must come and appear. We would like to state it categorically that even if that call were to be made, it must not be made to grandstand,” Kodwa told journalists.

The ANC spokesperson said witnesses testifying at the inquiry do so because they have certain information and evidence that could help the commission complete its work and not on the basis of positions they occupy within political parties.

“However, the ANC has appeared before commissions before, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is but one. We went before the TRC to explain our role in the liberation struggle and in the liberation of this country. So if the ANC in its determination, when necessary, whatever, at a later stage in its approach, may want to come to the commission, the ANC will not hesitate, it will not be for the first time,” Kodwa said.

He added that only the judge chairing the commission, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, can decide based on testimony whether to summon individuals to appear before the commission.

Kodwa said what matters for the ANC is getting to the bottom of the allegations, and not using the commission to gain cheap political points.

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