Distinguished cats and dogs up for adoption

Larry is up for adoption. Images: Facebook/Sandton SPCA

These pets are older than six months, and are healthy and eager to meet their new furever home.

The stigma associated with adopting older animals is both unnecessary and disheartening.

Most people who adopt animals opt for puppies and kittens, with the belief that this is an easier task, due to fears of older animals having suffered abuse and that this may have repercussions.

This is absolutely untrue. Older dogs and cats make perfect companions. They are usually already house trained and have just as much, if not more, love to give.

Take a look at the beautiful furbabies up for adoption at the Sandton SPCA this week:

Shelly is a seven-month-old teenage kitty with a real zest for life.

This is Shelly, a seven-month-old tabby and ginger tween. She is described as a plucky kit-teen that grabs life with all four furry paws. “Her joie de vivre is nothing short of contagious. Playful, mischievous and a social butterfly.”

Percy steals hearts and is in mint condition.

Percy is a handsome four-year-old cat with a distinguished look and big paws. He loves kitty kisses and headbutts, and is in perfect condition. It would be favourable if Percy was adopted alongside his purrtner-in-crime Larry (see below).

Larry, the ginger ninja with a big personality.

Larry is a ginger cat with an affectionate nature. Lap cuddles are his favourite pastime. Just over a year old, Larry is low-maintenance and easy-going and would fit in perfectly with a special family to whom he can devote his love and companionship. If possible, Larry and Percy should be adopted together.

Bing is a laid-back cat, who loves to take afternoon naps.

Meet Bing, a three-year-old tabby cat that gives ‘cool as a cucumber’ a whole new meaning. Not much phases Bing, who loves to take afternoon naps in the sun. He likes gentle head scratches and chicken treats. His roommate was recently adopted, and Bing is eager to meet his new family.

Cats can be adopted by contacting the Sandton SPCA on (011) 444-7730, or by visiting them at 9th Street, Marlboro Gardens, Sandton. 

Toby, the wannabe Labrador, is a delightful pooch.

Toby is a happy, energetic and social dog who loves life. Although he resembles a Labrador, his legs are quite short, making him just below knee height. He is excellent with both dogs and humans and would love to belong to a family with a garden.

Molly steals hearts and showers people with love.

Molly is a five-year-old Boerboel cross. She was found as a stray and never claimed by her owners. But despite being through hardship, she remains loving, energetic, and optimistic that she will find her forever home. Her grey streaks add to her all-knowing wisdom. She is a bit fussy when it comes to choosing dogs she likes, so if you are interested in adopting her, a meet-and-greet is essential.

Gracie is a friendly dog with an adorable underbite.

Gracie is a one-year-old wire-haired terrier cross. She is very friendly, eager to meet both humans and four-legged companions, and loves attention. Loving and gentle, she makes a perfect companion for both families and single households alike. She is just below knee-height.

Dogs can be adopted by contacting the Sandton SPCA on (011) 444-7730, or by visiting them at 9th Street, Marlboro Gardens, Sandton. 

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