DA celebrates voters rejecting ANC in another by-election

DA flag. Picture: Twitter

The party took a ward off the ruling party in one of their traditional Free State strongholds, where the demographics are more than 90% black.

In a statement on Thursday, DA Free State leader Patricia Kopane said her party was elated at the news that they had won another ward off the ANC in the Free State, a traditional stronghold of the governing party.

Kopane said “in growing numbers voters are coming out to reject the failing ANC, voting against their brand of corruption, racial division and poor a lack of service delivery”.

The vote took place in Ward 2 of the Nala Local Municipality, an administrative area in the Lejweleputswa District, which the ANC won with more than 61% of the vote in 2016, followed by the EFF with more than 20%. The DA had only managed 10.5% in Nala in 2016.

According to the 2011 census, Nala is more than 93% black African in its racial demographics.

Kopane said: “The people of Ward 2 in Nala have voted in favour of the delivery of quality services, a caring party and the DA’s brand of change that always puts the people first.

“The win in Nala saw the DA grow by 20%, representing a big swing towards the DA, and a further decline for the ANC.

“The result in Nala, and in all by-elections yesterday, bodes well for the DA’s build up to Election 2019. Voters continue to reject the ANC, and place their trust in the DA.

“While we remain in opposition in Nala after winning this ward, we will even more vigorously hold the failing ANC government to account now with increased numbers.

“The people of Nala deserve a government that delivers quality services, cuts corruption and opens access to jobs.

She thanked the voters in Ward 2 who had come out “to vote for change.”

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