Kimberley municipal manager ‘moved whole road team to fix potholes outside her house’

A scene in Kimberley after a violent protest, 12 July 2018.

A scene in Kimberley after a violent protest, 12 July 2018.

The DA has said the ANC-deployed official is just another example of ‘Matika madness’.

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape has said they intend to report the municipal manager of Sol Plaatje, Ruth Sebolecwe, to the Public Service Commission for allegedly abusing municipal resources for her own personal gain.

The municipality has been teetering amid violent protests by residents against mayor Mangaliso Matika, who survived being ousted by what had seem like a successful motion of no confidence in him (supported by some ANC councillors too) in July, only for the high court to declare this week that proper procedures were not followed in council.

The DA’s Northern Cape leader, Andrew Louw, said in a statement on Sunday that they were now aware of reports that Sebolecwe had allegedly summoned municipal workers who had been busy repairing major potholes in Meyer Street, a main road running alongside the Kimberley Reservoir, to attend to potholes opposite her suburban home instead.

“This was at the expense of Kimberley residents, on their way to school and work, who have this week experienced unprecedented traffic jams, due to the road works next to the reservoir.

“It is shocking that the municipal mamager would so selfishly place her own needs above those of the entire city. Her misguided sense of self-importance is characteristic of Mayor Matika’s administration. Her brash sense of entitlement is further typical of the increasingly elitist ANC.

“Under the leadership of Mayor Matika, Sol Plaatje has been plunged into crisis. Service delivery has become the privilege of a connected few and sensibility has been replaced with Matika madness. This becomes clearer each day that another service delivery failure is exposed.

“Sebolecwe must be held accountable for her actions. She cannot treat municipal resources like they come from her personal garden shed. She also cannot interfere with planned maintenance on a whim that is directed by her own personal desires.

He said they would write to the PSC, asking that they investigate Sebolecwe’s alleged actions.

“At the same time, as we continue to push for Matika’s removal as mayor, we will also push for the removal of his self-obsessed cronies, like Sebolecwe.”

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