Man gets death threats over ‘racism’ after his speeding fine goes viral

Berto van Loo said the incident has been blown totally out of proportion.

Berto van Loo said the incident has been blown totally out of proportion.

The Barberton man says he was just confused about being fined R500 for doing 75 in an 80 zone.

Barberton Berto van Loowas was recently issued a speeding fine of R500 when he was supposedly travelling at 75 kilometres per hour in an “80-kilometre zone”, the Mpumalanga News reports.

He said the incident has been blown totally out of proportion, however.

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“I had just finished working in Barberton and was on my way back to Mbombela when I was stopped by the traffic officer on General Street. It is a long stretch of road and I always thought the speed limit was 80 there, but it is not, as there is a sign just before the bridge that stated it was a 60 zone.”

He said he shared it on social media as he was misunderstood. “I was confused about what was written, so I shared it on a group on Facebook. I did not expect the post to go so viral.”

Van Loo explained that the traffic officer had made a mistake by writing 80 instead of 60.

“It was just a writing error, as the speed limit where the ticket was issued was 60 kilometres. I did not expect the situation to be blown out of proportion.”

Since then he has received two life-threatening phone calls from the public.

“I was accused of being a racist. I have had calls from people swearing at me and threatening to kill me. It was late at night and I could hear the people were under the influence so I did not bother reporting it to the police.”

He stressed that the situation was also not a political one.

“I have seen political groups sharing my fine. This has been blown totally out of context.”

Regarding the traffic officer, the department of community, safety, security and liaison spokesman Moeti Mmusi said they were investigating the matter.

“Once our report is finalised, we will disclose the next course of action.”

Mmusi confirmed that the place Van Loo received the ticket was indeed a 60 zone. He appealed to the public to abide by speed limits to keep roads safe.

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