‘I don’t have an issue with you people, my boyfriend is black,’ says Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Instagram.

Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Instagram.

The celebrity took to social media to hilariously defend herself against those who have slammed her for lightening her skin.

While many on social media make fun of Khanyi Mbau for her decision to lighten her skin, the celebrity is not taking the insults lying down, instead choosing to clap back in hilarious fashion.

One user shared a meme with a picture of Mbau looking significantly more light-skinned than she has in the past, with a caption saying “she is not getting the land.”

However, the internet wasn’t ready for Mbau’s response.

“I don’t have an issue with you people, my boyfriend is black,” Mbau replied.

Mbau also told Twitter and those who oppose Mbau’s decision to lighten her skin that if she could afford it she would turn herself blue.

Mbau also spoke out on what she called a “year long battle” for acceptance after the controversial decision to go several shades lighter.

Twitter users have made Mbau the source of jokes and memes over her decisions, but the actor, singer and all-round celeb doesn’t seem to let it get to her.

Some of her clap-backs delighted Twitter users, including when she told one Twitter user to “relax and buy your Ponds and wait for the robot to go green before you cross,” and when she said “you are a cellphone user and I’m Khanyi Mbau.”

Following a backlash over her “pink” skin, Mbau opened up about the benefits of the procedure in an interview with Phat Joe on East Coast Radio in April.

Mbau said though she has been lightening her skin for the past six years, the below picture which she had posted at the time was not an accurate reflection of her skin colour, as it was overfiltered.

Picture: Ttwitter

She said people have been noticing the change in her complexion but did not know how to start a conversation about it, so that picture was a way for people to finally say what they had been afraid to say these past years.

“I think it is a picture that was overfiltered, and people assumed that was the colour of my skin. They found it very interesting, number one, it’s always been a question, people weren’t strong enough to come and ask me why I was getting lighter and lighter each year.

“Eventually that picture opened up a conversation, and now people come directly at me and say ‘she’s bleaching’, though she has been open about it for the past six years. Now people found an angle to come at me, that picture gave them the liberty to go aha!”

On why she was lightening her skin, Mbau said there was “something about a woman who looks brighter.”

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