Distraught child who ‘just wants to braai’ goes viral

Many South Africans take the traditional grilling of meat over an open fire pretty seriously, including a child whose tantrum over wanting to braai has gone viral.

A young boy has become an unlikely celebrity after a video his mother posted on Facebook has gone viral. Much like many South Africans, the clip shows that the child takes braaing very seriously.

In the video, posted by Bianca Myburgh, her son, on asked why he is crying, expresses an almost physical need to cook meat over an open fire.

“Ek wil braai. Kan jy nie verstaan nie? Ek will net braai [I want to braai. Can’t you understand? I just want to braai],” he says.

The child’s tantrum is unintentionally hilarious. But many say it’s the son’s primal scream at the end that truly makes the video viral material.

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