The 8 most common drugs used by SA teens

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Nyaope is a popular drug, but is also one of the most lethal in the world, as it is said to contain rat poison, soap powder and antiretrovirals.

A worrying trend of drug and substance abuse among South African youth was exposed during Drug Awareness Week.

The week is commemorated from June 24 to 28 globally, City Buzz reports.

In a statement, Life Mental Health said research shows while 15% of citizens had a drug problem, 27% of adolescents have used dagga, 35% of them drank alcohol and 29% engaged in binge drinking.

The agency said that proved our youth were part of a global drug epidemic.

The agency identified other commonly used drugs as:

• Flakka: A white or pink crystal that is snorted, eaten, injected or vaped

• Blow, coke or charlie: Cocaine that is usually snorted or rubbed on gums

• Rocks, freebase: A cheap and deadly form of cocaine taken as smokeable ‘rocks’

• XTC, e, Adam, MDMA, Molly: An ecstasy rave or party drug that enables users to dance all night

• Whites, buttons: Mandrax or methaqualone tablets usually powdered and smoked

• Acid: An odourless and colourless drug available as paper stamps impregnated with LSD or microtablets

• Nyaope, whoonga: One of the most lethal drug concoctions in the world is said to contain rat poison, soap powder and antiretrovirals (ARVs).

• Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Lacoste: A white ecstasy-based pill, with a piece of metal wire hidden inside.

The agency also noted the increasing abuse of legal medications such as ARVs, painkillers and cough syrup resulting in what is referred to as ‘silent addictions’.

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