WATCH: Pule Mabe’s comeback to ‘Mduduzane Manana’ blunder

During an interview Dutton appeared to have missed the mark in referring to notorious ANC member Mduduzi Manana.

We all make mistakes, yet some mistakes appear to be more lethal than others.

In a recent interview on eNCA, newly appointed anchor Jane Dutton during a heated Q&A session with the ANC’s Pule Mabe appeared to have created a new name for ANC member Mduduzi Manana.

Dutton reading off a transcript used the name “Mduduzane” Manana.

She intended to ask why Mduduzi Manana was still a part of the ANC while cash-in-transit heist accused Errol Velile was shown the door, but she got herself tongue tied and pronounced the ANC member’s name incorrectly.

“Mdudu err Mduduzane Manana has also had serious allegations against him. Why is he still an ANC member? How come one gets one type of treatment and the other gets another?”

Mabe responded in saying that he commended the question.

“We are dealing with two separate situations. We are dealing with an employer, employee…”  The ANC spokesperson then saw it befitting to rephrase that comrade ‘Mduduzi’ Manana is an elected member of the ANC.

Mabe elaborated on Manana’s position within the ANC.

This faux pax by Dutton may have been just a little blunder, but Manana, wherever he was, definitely must have raised an eyebrow over his new name.

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