It’s coming home, just not England: Twitter has a field day after Croatia win

It’s coming home, just not England: Twitter has a field day after Croatia win

Image: Twitter/@GirlsOnCrop

Twitterville revised the words of the popular ‘It’s Coming Home’ song after England lost to Croatia.

Contrary to the popular song, it (the coveted trophy) didn’t come home after England lost 2 – 1 to Croatia on Wednesday.

It was Mario Mandzukic who booked Croatia’s final date with France when he scored the winning goal deep in extra time, giving Croatia a leg up during the semifinal World Cup match in Moscow, Russia.

The English even had a song ready for when they make it to the finals. The song by English rock band Three Lions, first released by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds, became England’s national anthem during the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

The song has the lyrics in the chorus, “coming home”, or simply “it’s coming”, words that became synonymous with the English team during the World Cup.

The goals by Harry Maguire and Dele Alli’s goals booked England’s place in the last four. Croatia last night threw a spanner in the works and killed the song that would have become an anthem in pubs all over England.

As usual there was a flooding of tweets after the tragic loss:

Those who ran to tattoo parlours to predict an England win will have to rethink what to rebrand themselves after the defeat.

English flags started disappearing from Twitter user names and caddies, a sure sign for Twitter users that “it wasn’t coming home”.



A flood of tweets showed how the Three Lions song was no longer appreciated by some users.



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