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11 Jul 2018
5:05 pm

Twitter reacts to Woolworths’ ‘frozen rice’ mix recall

Citizen Reporter

Twitter users appear to be slightly confused, not by the recall of a potentially infected item, but by the idea that there is a thing like frozen, packaged rice.

image: Twitter/@toomellowmaSh

Twitter users seem to think frozen pap is next in line after Woolworths announced the recall of its Frozen Savoury Mix.

The frozen rice mixture of sweetcorn, peas and fried onion appears to be questioned by Twitter judges and Jury.

Woolworths is being criticized by social media detectives who want to know why the food outlet was buying ‘frozen rice,’ from Europe.

The food outlet has taken the rice mix sourced from Belgium off their shelves as a precautionary measure as its sweetcorn factory for their Frozen Savoury Mix product was implicated as a potential source of a listeria outbreak in Europe.

Photo: Woolworths

The company said they took this issue very seriously and that this was a safety concern, with no other food products affected.

Twitter was quick to first question why there was a thing like frozen rice?

Others questioned what would be next, perhaps frozen pap.

Others believed they will never be too rich to boil their own rice.

Woolworths said the Frozen Savoury Rice Mix product (6009173621740) sourced from the Greenyard Factory in a Hungarian factory was taken off their shelves and flagged, and that any attempt to purchase the products would be stopped.

The rice mix is uncooked and frozen, and requires cooking before consumption.

“We are voluntarily recalling this product as a precautionary measure, on the global instruction of the Hungarian Food Safety Agency.”

The store said their suppliers managed and prevented microbial contamination of food, with strict protocols in place as part of their standard food safety’s management process.

“To verify the safety of our food products, we implement additional monitoring where we independently have our food products tested randomly,” the store said, adding the testing included listeria checks.

Customers who have purchased the products are urged to return the product to their local store for a full refund.