WATCH: Centurion student’s car remote-jammed

WATCH: Centurion student’s car remote-jammed

Image: Video screenshot

The students’ exam notes were stolen after the bag they were in was mistaken for a laptop.

The residents of Tshwane and surrounding areas have been urged to be on the lookout for a red Nissan Juke with registration number CY 79 WB GP.

The vehicle was involved in a remote-jamming incident which occurred at 07:44 at the Engen garage in Lenchen Avenue, Centurion, reports Centurion Rekord.

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Anri Armer told Centurion Rekord that she parked her vehicle, locked it and checked twice that it was indeed locked before entering a shop.

“Luckily my handbag didn’t have valuables inside,” said Armer.

When she later returned to her car, she noticed her handbag was missing. But another item which was stolen held far more value.

“They took a bag which they must have mistook for a laptop. It contained all my notes for my exam which takes place in eight weeks.”

The exam is for the certified financial planner qualification, and required months of preparation and notes.

“I was able to get a textbook for a test taking place at the weekend, but all my notes are gone.”

Armer was worried once the suspects realised they did not take a laptop, they would dispose of her much-needed notes. She took to social media to urge anyone who may find the bag to return it.

Anyone who finds the bag or has more information may contact Centurion Rekord on 083 625 4114.

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