WATCH: Motorist loses tough race with unusually loaded truck

The erratic motorist learned patience the hard way after a risky move failed in epic fashion.

A motorist took on an abnormally loaded truck intending to overtake it and got the surprise of his life.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the impatient driver in the small silver Honda can be seen trying to overtake the massive truck.

After veering off the road and on to the gravel, the driver in the Honda stubbornly makes an attempt to overtake the large vehicle.

The smaller vehicle then begins swerving uncontrollably. It brushes the side of the loaded truck right before flying into a bush, where it crashed.

The motorist recording the encounter can be heard saying: “I knew it,” after the Honda crashes in the bushes.

The incident reportedly happened close to the Zimbabwe border. The driver of the Honda escaped with only minor injuries.

The truck driver apparently said it was the wife in the passenger seat who grabbed the wheel as the car was losing control and pulled the car away from the truck, causing them to crash on the side of the road.

Loaded trucks usually have a front overhang and a rear overhang, which are the distance between the truck and the cars in the rear and the distance in front of the truck.

The front overhang is measured by the furthest point from the front of the vehicle to the centre of the first axle.

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