WATCH: Trapped whale rescued by divers in KZN

Hugo Botha. (Image:  Facebook)

Hugo Botha. (Image: Facebook)

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the two friends as they rescued a small whale in distress.

An early morning dive quickly turned into an exhilarating and emotional experience on the coastline south of Durban for two divers last Saturday, June 16, the South Coast Herald reports.

Hugo Botha and Danny Philp had gone for a fun dive on Saturday morning when they noticed a whale trapped in a fishing line.

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Barely two minutes into the dive, Hugo felt something brush against him: it was a fishing line.

When he looked up, he noticed a small whale nearby.

“It was circling around us and struggling to swim free,” he said.

He gave his speargun to Danny and swam off to get the line off the whale.

“It was a case of wanting to get close to free the whale, but also not too close as it was a little scary,” said Hugo.

The moment the line came off – which didn’t take too long to do – the whale swam off into the deep.

“It was almost like it had swum in to say ‘hey guys I need some help’,” he said.

“It was a lifetime experience to be able to help such a magnificent creature,” he said.

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