WATCH: Pupil stabbed in another classroom fight

A fist fight between two girls turned bloody when one of the pupils stabbed her classmate.

A class room disagreement appears to have escalated very quickly, in a video doing the rounds.

A video of a couple of school girls fighting in a classroom has gone viral on Facebook.

A fist fight between two girls turned ugly very quickly after one of the girls retracted a knife from the arm of the girl she was fighting with.

The video, with over 66 000 views and increasing on Wednesday, has been shared over 280 times since publishing yesterday.

The two girls can be seen wrestling towards a wall. One of the girls who was pushed and pinned against a wall pulls a move to pick up a sharp object only to stab her classmate.

The stabbed pupil can be heard screaming after realizing that she was struck with what appears to be a sharp weapon.

People commenting on the video on Facebook call the video footage disgusting with some even calling for the reinstating of corporal punishment.

Details of the school, pupils or the time the video was taken are still unknown.

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