Lion park owner says ‘escaped lions’ were probably just boerboel dogs

Initial reports suggested no one was sure where the animals had escaped from, but Natal Lion Park says all their lions are accounted for.

On Wednesday morning, police were on the hunt for two lions said to be on the prowl in the Ashburton/Camperdown vicinity near Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, reported the Maritzburg Sun.

Initial reports that came through indicated that the two lions were spotted crossing the N3 on Wednesday in the proximity of the Umlaas Road area.

Constable Ngubo from the Camperdown police station confirmed she had dispatched members to investigate.

“I have sent out a van to check on what is going on as we have received numerous phone calls,” she said.

David McLaren of visiting animal circus McLaren’s confirmed that all their animals were accounted for.

There were, however, later suggestions that the “lions” could be two boerboel dogs that were frequently seen in the same vicinity.

Brian Boswell, one of the owners of the Natal Lion Park, confirmed this morning that all 16 of his lions were accounted for at the park and zoo.

“This is unsubstantiated information that is causing unnecessary public panic. We have had to field a host of calls. I can categorically state that all my lions are accounted for and anyone who doubts us is welcome to come and count for themselves. Those were probably two boerboels that were seen at 6am (in the dark). This has happened before,” said Boswell in a telephonic interview with the Sun.

He also confirmed there were no other people who owned lions in the near vicinity.

“We have spoken to KZN Ezemvelo and they are also satisfied,”said Boswell.


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