Schoolgirl allegedly raped by three taxi drivers in Witbank

Schoolgirl allegedly raped by three taxi drivers in Witbank

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As the country was wrapping up Child Protection Week, a 15 year-old schoolgirl was allegedly raped by three taxi drivers.

A young schoolgirl was reportedly raped on May 31, adding to a long list of rape cases that Witbank police are currently investigating, reports Witbank News.

According to a police report, the girl stated she had waited for a taxi from school to home on Thursday, May 31.

The taxi drove from Highveld Mall to drop some passengers, and continued to Ben Fleur. At the circle in Reyno Ridge, the taxi driver swapped with another driver, and they drove to Reyno Manor.

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The girl is said to have told the drivers that she wants to get off, and she was told that she cannot do that. According to the girl, she was alone in the taxi with the three drivers. One of the drivers came to sit near her, placed a cloth on her face, and she fell unconscious.

She cannot fully recall what happened after that, only that she woke up still dazed a short while later, and did not know where she was.

She vaguely remembers her trousers and underwear being removed, and that one of the drivers was holding her while the other was raping her. She recounted how they took turns raping her.

After the incident, the girl walked home and reported the matter to her parents.

In addition to the schoolgirl’s allegations, Witbank police are also investigating two cases of rape in the area. In one incident, a woman reported that she was at a guesthouse with friends and her boyfriend. While they were enjoying themselves, one of the friends asked to borrow money from her. After that, the woman fell asleep in one of the rooms of the guesthouse.

School children from different local schools demonstrating outside at the Local Taxi Association (Lota) rank. These came after allegations that three taxi drivers have raped a school girl.

While the woman was asleep, she heard a knock on the door, and when she was about to open the door, she realised she was no longer sleeping next to her boyfriend, but next to one of his friends.

When she asked the man about this, she was told that he was given permission by her boyfriend to sleep with her.

In another incident, a woman from Phola, in Ogies, reported to the police that she was with her friend and they wanted to come to eMalahleni, but the friend could not find the car keys. Another person offered her a lift to eMalahleni, saying he was also driving there.

Instead of driving to eMalahleni, the driver allegedly made a U-turn and took her to his house in Phola and raped her. Police are investigating all the rape cases, and no one has been arrested.

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