Jacob Zuma displeased by reports of a new political party

Zuma reportedly urged the public to be wary of individuals using his name to further personal interests.

The son of former president Jacob Zuma, Edward, reportedly said his father was disappointed by media reports that a pro-Jacob Zuma lobby group was likely to form a new political party.

According to reports in the media, the new party would challenge the ANC, and it was expected that it would be launched in the next two weeks.

EWN reports that Edward had been informed by the former president about his views on the matter, adding Zuma senior wanted people to stop damaging his reputation.

Edward Zuma was quoted as saying the former president remains a committed member of the governing party who would continue campaigning for it ahead of the 2019 elections and any other election to follow.

Edward reportedly said Jacob had been offended by the reports, adding the former president had called for the public to be wary of individuals using the his name to further their own interests.

On Wednesday, EWN reported that the lobby group wanted to form a new party to challenge the ANC and split its vote next year because Jacob Zuma had been called to step down from the presidency before the conclusion of its term.

The group, among other things, is calling for the taxi industry to be subsidised. It says when the land is returned, it should be placed under the custodianship of traditional leaders.

Mazibuyele Emasisweni member Frank Fakude told EWN there was a nationwide consultation going on about the formation of the new party.

“We have about two weeks to sum up all of the provinces and to decide when we are launching.”

Will the former president be the leader of this organisation? Fakude says they want Zuma back in the presidency.

“We hope and trust that one day he will rise up and continue with his programmes.”

He adds with the support of some ANC members, they would push to have a national council, which would see the removal of Cyril Ramaphosa as president.

The movement admits it hasn’t directly spoken to Zuma, but is certain he has heard about them through various leaders they have been consulting.

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