Who will star as Jacob Zuma in TV series?

Image:  Twitter/@LukhanyoV

Image: Twitter/@LukhanyoV

The creators are working on a plan to turn Jacques Pauw’s book into a TV drama.

Former president Jacob Zuma’s life could soon become the subject of a new TV series, expected to air next year.

The series, according to The Sowetan, is the idea of filmmaker Neil van Deventer, who said he was in talks with an international actor he hoped would play the role of Zuma in a televised drama series. The show will be based on Jacques Pauw’s book, The President’s Keepers.

Which foreign actor has the talent to captivate TV audiences with a portrayal of the country’s former president?

According to Van Deventer, the series is still in the developmental stages, and will include some industry heavyweights.

Van Deventer said a writing and research team had been appointed, and they were travelling to London to meet people they could bring on board.

The series is expected to run for three seasons, with six episodes a season.

The drama, according Van Deventer, is intended to hit the silver screen next year. Van Deventer has been in contact with Pauw, whose role in the series will only be as a consultant.

It is unclear if the series will have any South African actors, but we are curious to see who will be cast to star as the country’s former number one.

Will the actor have the charisma of the former president? Will they too dance to Mshiniwam? This plot sure is appetising.


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