East Rand cash stash not linked to heist – SBV Security Services

Photo: SAPS

Photo: SAPS

Although cops found a large amount of money at two houses, the security company refuted social media claims that it came from last week’s heist.

The discovery of a large amount of cash which was supposedly linked to last week’s brazen cash-in-transit heist on the East Rand had social media abuzz yesterday, with claims that a guard from SBV Security Services had been arrested in connection with the cash.

This follows a raid by the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department’s (EMPD) yesterday, after receiving a tip-off from an anonymous source, informing police of a large amount of cash hidden in a house at Ekurhuleni.

But SBV Services took to social media to refute the claims.

“SBV Services is aware of information in the media that implicates the involvement of an alleged SBV employee in cash-related crime,” the company said in a statement. “SBV confirms that an investigation is underway by law enforcement and that any references to an alleged SBV employee are incorrect.”

SBV Services said it had zero tolerance for crime that impacted the cash services environment and would do everything possible to reduce risks.

“We are committed to working with the authorities to apprehend criminals involved in cash related crimes,” said SBV Services.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department spokesperson Wilfred Kgasago said police had received a tip-off and were led to a house owned by an elderly couple, aged 58 and 59, in Langerville, Tsakane, on Monday.

“We found large amounts of money in the house, and the couple also revealed that more money was hidden in a trunk in the yard. The couple had dug a hole and hid the money. They also falsely alleged that they were hiding the money on behalf of an SBV employee,” said Kgasago.

According to Kgasago, the two told police officers that more money was hidden at a house in Payneville, Springs, by two females, aged 40 and 61.

“We raided the house in Springs and took all the money to Tsakane Police Station. The four culprits were arrested. The South African Police Service is now dealing with the case,” he said.

It is unclear how much money was recovered.

Kgasago said a specialised unit within the law enforcement was conducting in-depth investigations to find out more information on where the large amount of money came from.

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