30 years of matching memories for quirky Japanese couple

A Japanese couple has been matching their outfits for over 30 years, proving the couple that slays together, stays together.

Your relationship goals just got a little tougher thanks to the most adorable old couple of all time.

The couple that slays together stays together, as these two mature snappily-dressed Japanese fashionistas prove. As if their matching outfits aren’t cute enough, the couple boast rhyming names, too. Bon and Pon have been coordinating their outfits since they started dating over 30 years ago, according to Twitter account @nerdyasians.

“It started as an accident,” said Pon about their matching outfits.

According to one half of Japan’s best-dressed couple, a wardrobe isn’t all they share. “His tastes overlap mine in other ways”, she says. “We both love dark chocolate also”.

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