Bushiri fired ‘sacrificial lamb’ to end war with Mboro – report

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Picture: Facebook

One of Bushiri’s ‘disciples’ allegedly leaked a ‘false’ story that his prophet’s rival claimed to have been to heaven and met God.

The war between the two cost an employee his job, which was apparently all that was needed for them to start seeing eye to eye.

Over the years, charismatic prophets Shepherd Bushiri and Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng have lobbed insults at each other as they fought for dominance on the scene of the highly marketable charismatic churches.

One employee in Bushiri’s ministry got fired after allegedly planting a story about Mboro, the Sunday World reports. According to that story, Mboro had claimed to have been to heaven and met God.

Now Mboro is reportedly satisfied with the sacking, as his name has now been cleared and the two holy men have kissed and made up.

Mboro told the Sunday tabloid that he had concluded that the fired ‘disciple’ had been sent by Bushiri to tarnish his name, but said after talking with Bushiri, he realised he had been wrong.

It’s important that the two unite as they serve the same God, the two men said.

Bushiri clarified with the tabloid that he had “never hated” Mboro and had always “respected” him and his “calling”.

Bushiri’s battles are not over yet, as the Hawks are investigating charges of rape against him.

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