Manana’s former domestic worker stands by allegations – report

Mduduzi Manana. Gallo Images

Mduduzi Manana. Gallo Images

She was allegedly intimidated into withdrawing assault charges against the ANC MP, but the Zimbabwean says she still wants justice.

A report by EWN reveals that even though Christine Wiro, ANC MP Mduduzi Manana’s former Zimbabwean domestic worker, dropped her charges of assault and intimidation against the convicted woman beater, that doesn’t mean she admits to lying about it.

She reportedly said that she’d been intimidated into dropping the case because she couldn’t afford the legal costs and feared for her life.

Manana had allegedly threatened to have her deported.

Wiro maintained that Manana had indeed pushed her down the stairs at his house on Sunday and did offer her a bribe to withdraw the case. She denies accepting at least two such different alleged offers from Manana of hush-money bribes.

Manana said in a statement on Monday night that Wiro had tried to extort him for R100 000 and he would be suing her and her family.

In response, she told EWN she felt humiliated and still wanted justice following a police investigation. She said she felt he’d now accused her publicly of stealing and she was traumatised by the public humiliation.

In his statement, Manana had called Wiro’s claims “unfortunate and malicious”. He described her as an employee with a presumably bad attitude after she allegedly laughed at him when he wanted to know why she’d admitted his guest without his knowledge.

He also implied she’d stolen his camera and crystal glasses.

Meanwhile, the ANC Women’s League has thrown its support behind Wiro as a possible victim of gender-based violence, while the Young Communist League called for the ANC to take swift action against Manana.

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