Charles Cilliers
2 minute read
1 May 2018
8:59 am

Sandton has a new tallest building

Charles Cilliers

There has been speculation the building may be aiming to pass the record of the Carlton Centre for being SA's tallest.

The Leonardo under construction in Sandton. Picture: Charles Cilliers

According to the Heritage Portal, the last week of April saw a new building surpass the height of all others in the affluent area known as “Africa’s Richest Square Mile” in Sandton.

The building, called the Leonardo, and which is still under construction, has now surpassed the Michelangelo Towers (140m) and the Sandton City spire (141m) to become the tallest building in Sandton.

The Leonardo (left), the Michelangelo Towers and the Sandton City Spire. Picture: Charles Cilliers

According to the Portal, the Leonardo is a multibillion-rand development being built by the Legacy Group. It is located on Maude Street, not far from the JSE, Sandton Square and the Gautrain.

The Leonardo construction site at night. Picture: Charles Cilliers

James Ball wrote: “Once finished, the Leonardo will consist of apartments, prestigious office space and what is being billed as the most exclusive and expensive suite in the country. Those lucky enough to call the building home will enjoy their own concierge service, gym, spa, rooftop restaurant, garden, coffee shop and business centre. They will also be at the centre of a brand-new precinct which will include a buzzing new square. The project is a massive boost to what is already South Africa’s premier business node.”

Below is an artist’s impression of what the completed building might look like, courtesy of Skyscraper City.

The Leonardo. Picture: Skyscraper City

There has been much speculation about how high the new building will go, with some speculating that it might end up surpassing South Africa’s tallest building, the Carlton Centre, at 223m, though that is probably unlikely.

“If the dream scenario unfolds and the Leonardo does break a 44-year-old record to become Africa’s tallest building it won’t hold the record for long with the Pinnacle in Kenya looking to set a new marker in excess of 300m in the next couple of years. South Africa will then have to take up the challenge and bring the record home once again,” writes Ball.