‘Killer meats’ worry shoppers

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

Consumers are concerned after the source of listeriosis was announced on Sunday.

Employees at a Pick n Pay supermarket were seen taking down the Enterprise-branded cold meat products yesterday after news of the listeriosis outbreak was announced.

The Citizen visited supermarkets to find out if consumers were aware of the announcement and what they know about listeriosis.

“We have just been informed about this and we are taking down all the products to ensure the safety of our customers,” said an employee.

“We will also be refunding all customers who have purchased any Enterprise product.”

A woman, who was not aware of the announcement, was seen at a Spar supermarket purchasing cold meat for her dog.

However, while many were unaware about the cause of the listeriosis outbreak, some were concerned about how underprivileged people would be affected.

Mac Carim, an elderly shopper at Checkers, said: “Although I don’t eat pork or processed meat because I’m Muslim, this is a popular product and people who produce this are criminally negligent and can cause great harm.

“This is terrible – and there should be an inquiry on why this is happening. I mean, everyone eats polony; the lower-income groups are going to be heavily affected by this.”

A young man felt producers of the product affected would have to face repercussions.

“I am not really anxious about the outbreak. I feel that it doesn’t matter what I eat, I know that there will be repercussions for the suppliers of the product. So I do feel that, as a consumer, I am protected no matter what,” said Lawrence Hill.

A parent was shocked about the outbreak, and emphasised the importance of being informed about such issues.

“I am very worried about my children’s health and what they are eating. This is a very serious disease. Although there is still quite a low death toll … I think people need to be aware of what is happening,” he said.

Pick n Pay removes listeriosis-linked food from shelves

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