South Africa 13.2.2018 05:41 pm

Watch: High school girls attack fellow pupil

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon while the girls were on their way home from Propertius High School.

Three high school girls from Eersterust, in the east of Pretoria, viciously attacked another girl, beating her to the floor and kicking her in the face.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon while the girls were on their way home from Propertius High School.

In the video the victim and her friend are walking while a girl walked next to her and said something while holding on to her arm.

The Victim looked at her arm and kept on ignoring the girl while walking with her friend. Behind them are two girls, besides the one who is taking the video.

It appears that the person talking in the video called the girl in front with the victim on the name and then instructed her to start the fight.

The girl grabbed and started hitting the victim, pulled her and swing her to the side and her two other friends joined in the attack. The victims books and cellphone are flunged out of her hands.

The victim fell to the ground in a sitting position and held her hands in front of her face while she can be heard crying.

But her attackers kept on hitting her and kicking her in the face several times. They called her vulgar names like “b$#@*& and P**&&%.

The victims friends first bent down to pick up her phone and books and then she walked over to her friend to try and stop the fight, screaming “stop it!”.

The Eersterust community is outraged at this attack especially since there are people in the background screaming at the girls to stop, but no one came to her rescue.

It is unclear what the fight was about.

Last week ANC’s Thabang Setona was suspended and he handed himself over to the police after he was caught on camera kicking a women during clashes between the Black First Land First (BLF) and so-called “defenders of Luthuli House”.

The education department did not respond to the incident.


MP’s alleged attack on female colleague ‘despicable’, says ANC

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