Ramaphosa acting like Zuma with ‘jobs for pals’ in state organs, says Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema.

The EFF leader says ‘Ramaphosa is no threat at all’, and has called him ‘a product of the Ruperts’.

EFF leader Julius Malema came out guns blazing as he lashed out at ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa for allegedly being a pawn of the white monopoly capital led by Johann Rupert.

Malema further accused him of acting like Jacob Zuma when it came to ‘jobs for pals’ in state organs because he hired a close friend on to the Eskom board recently. According to Malema, Ramaphosa is not as innocent as he appeared, but had his own skeletons in the closet.

“Ramaphosa is no threat at all, he is a product of the Ruperts,” he said.

The EFF leader, addressing a media briefing in Johannesburg yesterday, claimed both Ramaphosa and Eskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza were pawns of billionaire Johann Rupert. “Rupert, Mabuza and Ramaphosa are the same WhatsApp group – they are cleaners at Stellenbosch.”

“While we do not doubt the leadership capacity of Jabu Mabuza, as chairperson of Eskom, his proximity to the Rupert family is a cause for concern. Jabu Mabuza is too close to the Rupert empire, and his son was even employed as one of the personal assistants of Johann Rupert,” he said.

He lambasted those who raised a storm over ANC secretary-general and Free State Premier Ace Magashule’s son for being hired as a journalist by the Guptas when the same people were silent about Mabuza’s son who worked for the Ruperts.

According to Malema, Ramaphosa’s appointment of his personal friend, Sifiso Dabengwa, to the Eskom board is unhealthy and similar to Zuma’s appointment of Dudu Myeni as chairperson of the SAA board. He alleged Dabengwa played a vital role in helping Ramaphosa win the ANC elections in December.

“Sifiso Dabengwa is uncomfortably too close to the ANC president, and it cannot be correct that one of the major first appointments to critical boards includes Sifiso Dabengwa,” Malema said. He claimed Ramaphosa was personally involved in Dabengwa’s elevation to the Eskom board and that the two served on the MTN board, where the latter was group chief executive officer.

Furthermore, another Eskom board member, Mark Lamberti, is facing a civil case of racism and gender discrimination, and should not be appointed into the board, he said. “We know that Mark Lamberti is facing accusations, but many people who are facing accusations of corruption at Eskom have been pushed out of the utility, and this should apply to Mark Lamberti as well.”

He pointed out that Ramaphosa had bought a buffalo bull for R18 million in 2012 in the sea of poverty among black people around him. “He bought a buffalo while the people of Chiawelo and Venda, where he comes from, are suffering,” Malema said.

Previously Ramaphosa had apologised for purchasing the exorbitant animal in the midst of poverty.

He dared the ANC president to visit Marikana, saying he would be chased away by the residents of the mining informal settlement because of his alleged role in the Marikana massacre.

Ramaphosa, then police minister Nathi Mthethwa and former police chief Riyah Phiyega must take full responsibility for the Marikana Massacre and all families of the massacre victims and surviving workers must be compensated, Malema said.

The EFF leader also touched on how the public healthcare system completely collapsed under the ANC  government, while hospital staff morale was down. “Our people go to hospitals not to get life, care and recovery, but to be humiliated, condemned and driven to death. Our public health institutions have not basic facilities, buildings are collapsing, machines are broken, and there are no skilled healthcare practitioners.”

He accused Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi of being too talkative, but no action from him. “We want a minister of health who is in hospitals. Motsoaledi is busy over nothing, there are no results,” Malema said.

The EFF leader alleged both Motsoaledi and Gauteng Premier David Makhura killed the people of Esidimeni. “They must take full responsibility,” he said.

“We want a functional health system public health system, and we are going to get it,” Malema said.

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