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WATCH: Top 5 moments from fifth Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

Parliament file picture

Parliament file picture

We’ve rounded up five moments in parliament which left us shocked in 2017.

Since the EFF joined Parliament after 2014 national elections, many people have changed their perception about what goes on in parliament from “boring” to “now I know how much fun MPs have in parliament.” Let’s take a look.

Below are the top five moments which we thought got South Africa talking as we are halfway mid-term of the current term.

DA MP Robert Lees says that he will use polish to paint his face black

DA MP Alf Lees left the nation in shock on social media after he said in parliament he will need to paint his face black with shoe polish to benefit from government BEE deals.

It all started when Lees said that the motion brought EFF leader Julius Malema wasn’t a “bad idea” but it was a “mad idea.”

This triggered EFF MPs to raise a number of points of orders which was followed by Lees saying that he will use polish to paint his face black to benefit from the BEE

Police minister Fikile Mbalula was caught on camera eating during an awkward moment in conference

Following the recent farm murders, MP  Pieter Groenewald questioned the president about related statisitics.

For this moment we owe all the credit to the camera man training his camerea on Mbalula, who was eating while Groenewald stated that “when it comes to farm murders, that they cut out the testicles of their victims, cook them and eat them.”

Willie Madisha’s nickname is established as Willie “Hong hong” Madisha

Naledi Pandor raised a point of order for Willie Madisha to withdraw a statement which he had made, but he withdrew it referring to it as a “truth” and Madisha made it clear that he had a problem with Pandor’s accent.

Minister Nkoana- Mashabane spotted sleeping in parliament by EFFs Ndlozi

International relations minister Nkoana- Mashabane was caught spending some time in “resting her eyes”. This got EFF MP Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi under the collar.

His rage tripped off deputy speaker Lesecha Tsenoli who lost his tempter while trying to call Ndlozi to order. He addressed the EFF spokesperson by referring to him as “hey wena” [hey you].

This all lead to the deputy speaker  being called to order because he was reprimanded an MP”Kasi” lingo, contentiously against Parliament decorum.

Debate turned sexual gets Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi to sing “Omunye Phez Komunye in parliament.

A debate between members of parliament on the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill turned sexual as DA’s Motsepe said that he would “get off” an MP who had interrupted him during his debate.

Former deputy minister Tandi Tobias Pokolo could not quite fathom what the Sepedi expression was all about. Or so she pretended.

She asked if Matsepe had ever been on top of the MP who he said he would get off from.

The whole debate at this point was in Sepedi and EFF’s Ndlozi translated the whole debate into a song which is Destruction Boys “Omunye phez Komunye“.

-Additional information by the Citizen team

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