Paul O’Sullivan helped Pauw with his new book

Paul O'Sullivan

Paul O'Sullivan

‘I gladly admit I gave Jacques lots of information and led him to others that could get more.’

Professional thorn in the side of government and forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan has used the launch of Jacques Pauw’s damning book “The Presidents Keepers” to fire another broadside at his perennial enemies in the National Prosecuting Authority.

Quoting from the book where it stated Pauw would keep his sources anonymous, O’Sullivan said he was not afraid and did not need to be anonymous.:

“I gladly admit I gave Jacques lots of information and led him to others that could get more. I am proud to have played my part and invite anyone who thinks they can stop me from exposing the criminals in the criminal justice system to come and do so,” O’Sullivan said, warning many people that none “of the scum out there can survive what is coming. Good will triumph over evil. It always does.”

“Instead of skulking in the shadows and pretending you do not know what is going on, the rest of you should make a decision and decide now, go down with the sinking ship and end up in prison, or stand up and do what you are constitutionally obligated to do. You just have to decide if you will join them there, or do what you are supposed to do and honour your country by doing the right thing,” O’Sullivan said.

Pauw said on Facebook yesterday said he had been inundated with people wanting to pay for the free copies of The Presidents Keepers circulating on the internet.

“I am not going to accept any money. This is my take: if you have a PDF copy and can afford to buy a book, please do it,” said Pauw.

“Erase the PDF and buy a book or the kindle version. If you can’t find a book now, read the PDF but you should still order a book. If you cannot afford a book, go for it and read it. You have my blessing. This is not about money. It is about your support that is going to enable us to legally lock horns with SARS, the State Security Agency and whoever else drags us to court.”

Pauw noted he and the publishers were potentially facing a multitude of legal challenges, both criminal and civil.

“If you read the book, you will realize that it is a tried and tested strategy of the State to legally worn out their enemies. This might well be another of those cases. It was incredibly brave of Nasionale Boeke and Tafelberg to publish this book, and we have already incurred substantial legal costs in the run-up to publication. It has the potential to be massive.”

Exclusives Books has ordered another 15 000 copies, Pauw said.

In the moments leading up to publication, Pauw told The Citizen he had been worried about his personal security.

“But the book has been published. I was worried before publication but I am not any longer,” said Pauw, noting he had a restaurant in the Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape which anyone could walk into.

“What I have revealed is an orgy of depravity and venality, and if there is any attempt to stop the publishing of this book, it will be because they do not want you to know about it,” he wrote in his book.


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