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11 Oct 2017
9:26 pm

WATCH: SA leaders steal because they suffer from low self-esteem, says EFF’s Ndlozi

Citizen reporter

He said if they had confidence, they would not take things that do not belong to them.

EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Picture: Gallo Images

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi schooled the University of Venda students about the psychology of a thief on Wednesday and said the country’s leadership lacked confidence.

He addressed students ahead of the university’s Student Representative Council elections.

“I’m told there is a very corrupt management in this university. The last time we were here we visited your residences in particular prefabs, we brought SABC cameras to witness the conditions under which you live, the government of this country gives very little money to this university, but there are people who call themselves Professors but are stealing the money of students,” he said.

He likened Univen’s management to “their father Jacob Zuma.”

“The basic psychology of a thief is low self-esteem, because if you are confident before you take that which does not belong to you particularly from the poor, you are going to ask yourself, why do I steal, I’m not going to steal, I’m going to get it myself the right way.

“If you don’t have confidence, if you don’t have self-pride, if you don’t have self-respect you will steal, and that is the basic psychology of the kind of leadership that is leading us in the country. They suffer from low self-esteem, for if they had pride, if they had confidence they would be able to say I’m not going to steal, I will do it myself.”

Ndlozi also said the ruling ANC rejected Steve Biko’s ideas during negotiations into democracy.

“If the ideas of Steve Biko were used by the leadership that was negotiating in 1994, they would have not negotiated the land away, they would have not negotiated the mines away, they would have made no apology that it is either land or we do not negotiate.

“Steve Biko says black consciousness is the refusal for anybody to use the colour of your skin as a means of oppression, it is to love yourself, it is to accept the texture of your hair, it is to refuse to escape your body and wish that you were white, it is not to desire a white value system because you think everything beautiful is white like Khanyi Mbau.”

He asked the students to have self-pride as “one you are proud you will never sell your pride for shares in a BEE deal, once you are proud you will never sell the country to a foreign Indian family.”

Watch Dr Ndlozi’s address below: